SEAA RES Course Review

The Singapore Estate Agents Association (SEAA) was formed to represent the estate agencies and salespeople in Singapore. It is thus, no surprise that they are offering the real estate salesperson course under their wing.

In this review, we will take an in depth look into the RES course provided by SEAA.

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Course Price

SEAA offers their RES course at $728 per person. Candidates may claim up to $250 using their UTAP and up to $500 using their Skillsfuture credit.

When we look at the course in terms of pricing, SEAA is ranked fourth among the other approved course providers.

Interested parties can register for the RES course with the SEAA online. However, they must personally visit the office if they are utilising their Skillsfuture credits.

On top of that, the SEAA has a bundle promotion for candidates who are signing up for the RES course with a friend. Instead of $728, individuals will be able to join the course with a friend at $700 per person.

SEAA course location

The Singapore Estate Agents Association is located at 60 Paya Lebar Road #13-23 Paya Lebar Square Singapore 409051. The nearest MRT is Paya Lebar station.

If you are living in the east or south of Singapore, you may find this location accessible for you to commute regularly for classes.

What Do SEAA Provide For Their Course Participants

SEAA provides their students with a choice of either a full-time course or a part-time evening course.

Note: you ought to check if their schedule matches up with your availability before signing up for the course.

Once you are a student of SEAA’s RES course, you will receive the course notes. Throughout the course, tutorial questions may be given for your attempt.

If that is still inadequate, you may consider signing up for their RES exam revision classes priced at $90 per paper.

Important: Individuals who did not sign up with SEAA for their RES course may also sign up for their revision classes. However, it is priced slightly higher at $160 for one paper or $270 for two papers.

For each revision session that students sign up for, individuals will sit through a 7-hour session to go through the mock exam questions.

how can we help

We find the course prices by SEAA sensible as they fulfil the task of providing the real estate salesperson course to individuals.

However, the crucial factor to getting through the RES exam comes after the course. It all comes down to whether they have the right strategies and direction.

Sadly, most candidates only discover what they lack only after they do badly in the RES examinations.

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