live webinar for the rES exam coaching


In the past, we need to be face to face with candidates to coach them. However, all this have changed with the rise of technology.

With our live webinar, students are able to converse with our coaches at their comfort of their home and prepare for the real estate salesperson examination over the internet.

Let’s find out how our live RES coaching webinar can help you improve your chances of clearing the RES exam!

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How our live webinar works

Our live webinar follows a structured and systematic system with one objective in mind. To create a short but effective learning session for students to reinforce their understanding on a specific topic. So let’s take a closer look at our system right now.


Before the exact day of the webinar, students are empowered to suggest the topic that is covered during the live webinar.

If there are more than one suggestion, we will pick the suggestion based on majority vote and the complexity of the topic.

Typically, our final decision will be the topic with more votes and a higher complexity level.

That said, if there are no suggestions. The topic that we select is based on our past coaching experience. Since we had coached many students, we know what are the common topics that students tend to develop a misconception around.

Active Participation

All of our program with the live coaching element focus on active participation of candidates. Similarly, the live webinar is the same.

During the live webinar, our coaches will pause every now and then to ask simple questions that will cause individuals to think.

Our advice: participate but do not underestimate the simple question because based on our experience what is simple may not be easy.

The thing is our coaches are trained to ask questions that requires candidates to understand and apply their knowledge. This means candidates can know the concept but may still choose the wrong answer because of the lack of understanding.

Nevertheless, whether the student gets it right or wrong, they will always win. If they get it right, it will further reinforce their understanding and give a boost to their confidence. On the other hand if they get it wrong, they will rectify it and avoid making the same mistake again.


During the webinar, we will also integrate the private questions that were sent in by our students so that everyone else can now attempt the questions.

The logic behind this is simple: the problems faced by a student may also be the problems faced by the rest.

Furthermore, students will also learn the thought process of our coach on how they reach the final answer.

This will help them during the actual examination because they can duplicate the actual thought process to derive the correct answer.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Our Live Webinar

Pros of Our Live Webinar

Some of the benefits of our live webinar coaching are:

  • Candidates can learn through the comfort of their homes; in this relax state, they will learn and absorb concepts effectively.
  • Although it is not face to face, it is still a live session. Therefore, students can interact with our coaches and actively learn.
  • Individuals will discover what are their blindspots and they can nip their mistakes in the bud. Thus, they can prevent their misunderstanding from further reinforcing.

cons of our Live Webinar

Everything has its flip side and that includes our live webinar coaching. Let’s go through some of the disadvantages of our live webinar:

  • It requires internet connection; individual who do not have an internet connection will not be able to join our webinar because the sessions are conducted over the net.
  • Due to time constraint, we can only cover 1 topic during each webinar session. Furthermore, the retention abilities of our brain will drop significantly if the duration of the webinar is too long.
  • We follow the pace of individuals, therefore, the webinar may go fast or slow depending on the levels of each student who are active in the webinar.

who should join our Live Webinar

Typically, the individuals who join the live webinar sessions are those who are unable to meet us face to face due to their tight schedule but wants to receive feedback and value from our coaches.

By being part of our live webinar, students join part of the winning community who are working actively together to clear the real estate salesperson examination together.

who should not join our Live Webinar

Sadly, not everyone is the right fit to join our live webinar. We will not recommend the individuals to join the program:

  1. Individuals who idle throughout the webinar; to benefit from the webinar, you must actively participate. If you are hungry to win, our coaches can feel it and will continue to give more.
  2. Individuals who treat our coaching programs as miracle potions. Although, we do our best on our part to help, the final execution must be done by you. Without execution on your part, one results is guaranteed, the negative results.
  3. Do not have an internet connection, a computer or a smart phone. As our live webinar runs over the internet, we recommend a strong internet connection and a computer as the screen is bigger.

how much is our Live Webinar

Often the first thing that most individuals ask us is “how much is the program” but there are a number problems with that question.

For starters, we do not even know if we are the right fit to begin with; think about this, we are working with our students on a long term basis to help them achieve their goal. Therefore, we want to work with individuals whom we look forward to help.

The fact of the matter is we have rejected individuals who just want to buy their way into our program. Money alone will not get you into our coaching program.

My point is this if you are serious to work with us, we must discover whether we are the right fit for each other.

To do that, we invite you to our next RES exam coaching seminar where we will share with you the exact system that we are using to help our students clear the RES exam with ease.


Many have benefitted from our live webinar coaching and have achieve the goal of clearing the RES exam. But we understand that not everyone is an advocate to the webinar system.

If that is you, why not check out our private coaching program or group coaching program?

To top it off, our students may receive a whole suite of resources to aid them during the journey. This ranges from our email support, phone coaching, e-learning platform and so much more.

Not to mention, we have a fast start sales training that will help our students kickstart their real estate sales journey once they have cleared the RES exam.

Are you ready to win together with us? Join us in our next RES exam coaching seminar to find out how you can cross the finish line now.

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