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We understand that most candidates who are taking the real estate salesperson exam do not have the time and flexibility to study for the examinations.

Hence, we designed our e-learning coaching platform to be easily accessibility at all times. Aspiring RES can use our platform to at their own convenience.

The short guide below will explain how our e-learning platform works.

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How does our e-learning platform work

Our e-learning platform uses a 3-tier system that allows members to prepare efficiently and effectively.

Foundational direction

First of all, when students enter our portal, they are advised to access the area where our study strategies are located at.

It is important to start on that first as we want our students to learn how to study with maximum effectiveness and efficiency right from the start.

By picking up our methods of study, individuals will discover their understanding and level of retention improving significantly.

As humans are oriented to progress, the understanding that they are constantly improving will help them believe that their goals are achievable and in turn motivate them to put in that extra bit of effort.

At a glance, we want our students to go about their learning journey efficiently and ensure that each little step they take would lead them closer to the gates of success.

Repetition Visual & Audio Stimulation

After individuals clear the first step of nailing down their foundation, the second level would be to dive into the wide study resources available on our site. Our study resources have been designed to stimulate both the visual and aural aspects of the human mind.

What has been established is that each individual is unique and picks up knowledge differently – for instance, not every individual would respond well to learning by reading. Research has proven that our brain processes 60,000 times faster if the information is transmitted via visual and audio means as compared to written text and we have tailored our resources in accordance to the workings of our mind.

We are certain that students within our RES exam coaching program will benefit from being able to learn faster and retain information better from these resources.

Advanced Testing

The final tier of our system is known as the advanced testing tier. This tier will be made available when the previous tiers have been completed.

As its name suggests, individuals will have access to our database of challenging questions that requires them to think and apply what they had learned previously.

This is exactly why the questions would only be made available after the previous tiers have been completed.

We want our students to be fully prepared for the questions and for the questions to reach its full potential and effectiveness.

To maximise the benefit of the advanced testing, we recommend students only attempt the questions once only.

When we encounter a question for the second time, our brains would subconsciously associate the request for information with previous experiences and it in turn does not create any new mental connections within the mind.

We want our students to always find new ways of answering the exam questions that steps away from repeated testing and the memorising of answers.

Also, we want our students to understand the concepts for what they are so that our students can answer the questions, even if they are presented in a different form.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of our e-learning platform

Pros of e-learning platform

Our e-learning platform is a resource that is extremely popular with our members. Here are some of the benefits that our students love about our portal:

  • Students can study on-the-go via our e-learning platform whenever they have internet access.
  • Individuals can learn effectively through the visual and audio resources found in our portal, increasing their retention of information by 70%.
  • Members can also test their understanding of the concepts through our advanced testing system, allowing them to discover their weak spots and work on them.

cons of e-learning platform

On the opposite end, these are some of the disadvantages of our e-learning platform:

  • An internet connection is an absolute necessity to access our portal. In the event of poor internet connection or disruption to the internet service, members would not be able to access the e-portal.
  • Individuals must put in their fair share of effort to access and utilise the resources. Having these helpful resources on-hand is not enough. Without the execution and hard work, individuals will never attain their desired outcome.
  • Our e-learning platform alone lacks the interactive element between student and coach. However, this can be rectified with the other lines of communication provided by us for students to get in touch with our coaches.

who should join our e-learning platform

It is heartening to know of the good response and number of participants who wish to be a part of our coaching programme based on our excellent resources and results delivered.

A positive feedback from all of our RES exam coaching students is the effectiveness of the e-learning platform.

To receive access to our e-learning platform, you must first be a part of our coaching programme. As with other coaching programmes, the focus is largely on relationships.

Thus, we are particular about the people to embark on this relationship – we want to help individuals who are active in the learning process.

Considering the time and resources needed to work closely with another, we would prefer to devote our limited attention and time to someone who is responsive to our coaching.

After all, it takes two hands to clap, if either party does not give their all, the result may not match up to your desired end goal.

who should not join our e-learning platform

It is understandable that some would feel a mis-match in expectations when they consider our coaching programme.

However, we do work on the principle that money alone is not sufficient; it requires heart, effort, time and belief on the part of the student for it to work.

When we consider it on face-value, it may seem crude and harsh, but we are unable to help students who come to us as a miracle provider.

“Give a man a fish and he will be full for a day, teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry for a day, this saying is extremely apt in this circumstance.

how much is our e-learning platform

The first thing on everyone’s mind would undoubtedly be the price.

While price is always a consideration, our coaching programme should not be thought of as a one-time off-the-shelf purchase.

Not to mention, we always aim to provide the best programmes and resources to our students and that is something that is not quantifiable in dollars and cents.

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Our e-learning platform is offered as an accompaniment to our coaching programmes. Students from our 1-to-1 private coaching for the RES exam, our intensive group coaching for the RES exam or our phone coaching for the RES exam will have access to the e-learning platform.

Apart from that, individuals may receive a whole suite of resources ranging from our email supportonline webinar and others that would guide them on their learning journey.

Upon the completion of their examinations, we also invite students to attend our fast start sales training to give them a head start before they begin their new phase of life as a real estate salesperson.

If you are convinced, do join us in our next RES exam coaching seminar to find out how we can help you today.

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