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Devastated, Must Clear The RES Exam, Needed Help

What Others Are Saying

From Failing Both Papers To Clearing Both!
Before meeting Mr. Ryan Low, I attempted the RES exam, and it was a horrifying experience. Needless to say, I failed both papers. Thankfully, I decided to attend his coaching sessions; he was very patient and clear in his explanations. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of mastering the details we have to pay attention to. He was also very good at setting tricky questions to challenge you and test your knowledge. Thanks to him, I cleared both papers on the 2nd attempt on Feb 2018!
– Raynne, Orangetee

Caught OFF Guard
I was totally caught off guard in my first attempt of the RES exam and proceeded to fail both the papers. It was a depressing experience. Thankfully, I meet with Ryan Low; he is very kind, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help many to pass their RES exam. book the venue and arranged to for all of us to meet up to learn and share knowledge. I would not have passed my RES exam on the 2nd attempt (feb 2018) without his sharing of how to tackle the tricky exam questions, and the additional load of information that I need to read up to prepare myself for the exam. He is a great friend and mentor. Thank you, bro.
– Sincerely, Cas Kuek, ERA

Your Strategies Really Worked
Hi Ryan, thank you so much for your sincerely help and direction throughout my journey to clear the RES exam. Without your help and strategies, I might just continue to fail the exams. I am totally amazed that I cleared the RES exams despite having 3 jobs and had very little time to study. Before meeting you, I am lost like a sotong and did not understand a lot of the law concepts. I am very appreciative of your guidance because when I look around me, there are younger people, and smarter people and friends who are still struggling to clear the exams; some of them has taken the exams more than 6 times. I am really happy because after meeting you and following exactly what you shared with us, I cleared the June RES exam and I am now on my way to becoming a salesperson! Thank you Ryan, continue to help people who wants to pass this exam!
– Sincerely, Albert New, Propnex

Bad Command Of English BUT I Passed
Hi Ryan, thank you for helping me to clear the RES exam on June 2019. I never expected to pass because of my bad command of english. I am a Chinese PR who is struggling with the different concepts and terms. I am very grateful that you help me understand everything in a simple manner.
– David Huang, Orange Tee

Knew What She Had Is Not Enough And Had To Do More To Clear Both Papers In The Next Attempt.

Personal Message To Aspiring RES

Hi there my friend,

My name is Ryan Low and just like you, I took the RES exam with one goal in mind – To clear the RES exam in one attempt!

But before we move forward, I want you to ask yourself one question now: “do you want to clear the papers?

If your answer is Yes, then let’s continue!

So the examiner told us to flip the paper around, do you know what was my first reaction?


I knew I got my pass already.

You may be wondering how in the world, can that happen?

Well, think about this: “I knew all the answers for the short answer questions, the case study did not affect me, as for the 50 MCQs… the answers just kept popping up like magic!

Let me tell you a secret: I finished the exam in less than 45 minutes, checked more than 10 times (I am still very afraid of failing the exam).

But then when I came out at 11am, I saw many people as well, in my mind, I am thinking, “wow, there are people fastest then me, they are amazing!”

However, after speaking to them, I realised that most of them gave up hope… lots of sad comments, one after another telling me that they failed already.

At that point in time, it did not dawn upon me how challenging and difficult is this exam.

Until when the results are out then only I discovered that the failure rate is very high… I mean VERY HIGH!

I realised that many individuals are relying on the licence in hopes to support their family or even have a better lifestyle.

So I decided to coach some of my classmates and little did I know, my coaching helped them cleared the exams!

Since then, I have more and more individuals who requested for my help to help them clear the RES Examinations..

So, my friend, if you are any of the following people:

  • Struggling to clear the RES exam;
  • Confused with the notes;
  • Want strategies on how to study and internalise the concepts;
  • Desire to clear the exams;
  • Need help to clear the exams;
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  • and more…

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