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You are in the right place if you want to find out more about the RES course providers in Singapore.

In this review of RES Course Providers, we will look at a general overview of the different providers for the Real Estate Salesperson course.

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Why Read a review on the rES course providers?

It is important to uncover reviews and find out more information on each individual RES course providers before constructing your shortlist and making your decision.

Just imagine, if you were to head to the grocery to buy cabbages. Do you grab the first cabbage that you set your eyes on, or do you look at a few cabbages, compare them before making your way to the cashier?

For most, their decision-making process will resemble the latter as most of us want to select the best.

Likewise by reading reviews on each individual course provider, it will help you come to a better conclusion on which is the best educational institute for you.

However, it is important to note that by attending the course from the most reputable provider, a pass is not a guaranteed in the RES examination. It is a mix of different factors and largely comes down to your determination and methods of studying.

Roles of the RES Course Providers

In Singapore, there are a total of 8 approved course providers, they are:

  1. Benchmark Realpro Pte Ltd
  2. Hastor Property Services Pte Ltd
  3. Institute of Estate Agents
  4. Life Mastery Academy Pte Ltd
  5. Pioneer Training & Consultancy Pte Ltd
  6. Real Centre Network Pte Ltd
  7. Realty International Associates Pte Ltd
  8. Singapore Estate Agents Association

The main difference between a CEA-approved course provider and a non CEA-approved course provider is that courses provided by CEA-approved course providers will be recognised for licensing/registration purposes.

Thus, if you would like to take the RES examination, you are only limited to a selection of eight approved course providers.

Following the completion of the course, the educational institute will provide a course completion certificate that is used to register for the examinations.

The role of these approved course providers would be to facilitate the pre-examination course and provide aspiring candidates with the completion certificate.

What we should come away from this is that these course providers do not engage in any hand-holding as they are merely providing a service till their obligation ends at the end of the course.

Most course providers do not guarantee a pass in their advertising materials and it is so since they are not responsible for your success. This is the same in many other educational institutes outside the RES curriculum.

Following which, students are on their own from the completion of the RES course till the day of their RES examinations.

Our advice would be to ask as many questions during the RES course to clear any of your doubts.

While it may seem disruptive to interrupt the class to ask a question, the only one that loses out is yourself as your questions will go unanswered and could potentially come up in the examination.

What you need to do in class is to not shy away from answering questions. Ignore what others think about you and you would be surprised by how much asking for help from others would benefit you in the long run.

If you are much more shy and reserved in nature, the alternative solution would be to get a coach that will help you in 1-on-1 discussions or in smaller groups.

Join us in our next RES coaching seminar to discover how we help individual pass their RES examinations.

Course Providers trainers

The next important factor when it comes to selecting the course provider is the trainers.

If you ask a group of people who has taken the examination, they would have differing opinions on their trainers – some would argue that theirs are excellent while others would criticise their trainers’ sub-par explanations.

Personal opinions aside, all the trainers that are instructed to teach the RES course are highly experienced in the real estate industry. That explains their appointment to conduct the course.

Some may argue that having the better trainer would be a highly motivating factor, considering the trainers are with you over the duration of the course that spans over an estimated 60 -80 hours.

It is agreed that having a better and experienced trainer would help. However, despite how well the trainer conducts his class, it doses not guarantee a pass and the onus is still on the student to put in the effort and study in the right manner and method.

Some students may feel that after spending 80 hours with the trainer, they may not have internalised the hundreds of concepts in the course.

Similar to the course providers, the trainer’s obligation to tutor his or her students ends at the end of the course.

Note: as most of the trainers teach on the side while running their own business or managing their careers, not all of them are willing to extend a helping hand to you after the course.

Thus, the determining factor on whether you get a good grade is what you do between the end of the course and the actual exam.

If you are stressing out, there is a solution: find someone with a proven system that you can tap on to get the results that you desire.

This will increase your chances of clearing the exam, and help you study more efficiently and effectively.

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Course Provider Revision Classes

Most course providers do provide a revision class to their students after the regular classes are over. But be warned as not all course providers provide complimentary revision classes.

These revision classes are short sessions that students can use to gauge their current level of understanding. They are not meant to be a miracle session where you attend and become exceptionally well-versed in the concepts.

In a revision class, tutors typically, breeze through the concepts on the surface, run through a couple of mock exam questions before calling it a day.

This could be a double-edged sword as these refresher sessions could guide students who have been consistently revising their study materials.

In contrast, it could be damaging for overconfident students who do not revise on their own and look to the session as a class that would deliver their passing grade.

The student who has been continuously revising would receive a confidence boost, while the other would only buckle in the stress and pressure when realising how far behind he is.

If you are looking for something that would guide better than a revision class, our intensive group coaching sessions allow students to discover their mistakes in their understanding to rectify them immediately.

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RES course Notes

The phrase “the grass is greener on the other side” couldn’t hold much more weight when it comes to the RES course notes.

Most candidates would hang on to the illusion that the course notes they have received from their course provider are not adequate.

Before subscribing to that belief, all course providers receive the approval from CEA before being allowed to give out the course notes. This ensures that each student is given the right material across the different course providers.

If we are to look at it broadly, the course notes from each course provider would be different, however, they all contain the adequate and necessary information needed to complete the RES examinations.

That being said, there is no specific course notes that guarantees a pass. The key here is in what we do with our notes. If students do not utilise the notes to their full potential, they will guarantee a result for themselves; the result of failure.

How to pick the right rES course provider

After covering the five areas in the roles of the RES course providers, the trainers, the revision classes, the course notes and price, the next step would be to pick the right RES course provider.

It is common knowledge that your choice of course provider or the resources provided by the school (trainers, revision classes and course notes) are not the main determining factor in whether one passes the RES exam.

So how should students go about choosing their course provider? Our advice would be to go for convenience.

Top 3 deciding factor

This cannot be reinforced any more. If the course provider is located in Jurong and you are staying in Pasir Ris, the logical decision would be to pick a location that is much nearer to you. As students have to travel regularly to the school over the duration of the course that could span over 10 to 20 days, it would be a hassle to make hour-long trips to and fro from school. In short, pick a course provider that is closer to you.
This should not be a pressing concern of yours considering how most of the RES courses average at a rate of around $700. If you are tight on your budget, you should consider choosing one that is within your reach.

Each course provider has a schedule of their own. You should pick a course provider with a schedule that matches your daily calendar, be it work, family and personal time.

Note: Most course providers have express 10-day classes while others provide part-time classes. Some course providers may even organise both.

You should pick the course provider that is the most convenient to you.

what about reviews and referrals?

Some students may ask if it is wise to choose their RES course provider based on the reviews or referrals from friends. That is all up to personal preference.

However, what may be good for others may not be the same for yourself as each individual is unique and has their own study style.

As the results are never guaranteed, it is better to make the decision yourself with reviews or referrals as an additional consideration.

Importantly, one should always keep their expectations low and put in the head work to clear the examination.

individual course provider review

Now that we are at the close of the review of the RES course providers in Singapore, the next step is to make your pick and choose the course provider that best sparks your interest.

Interested to read up on the individual course providers? Take your pick and choose the course provider that sparks your interest.

  1. Benchmark Realpro RES Course Review
  2. Hastor RES Course Review
  3. Institue Of Estate Agents RES Course Review
  4. Life Mastery Academy RES Course Review
  5. Pioneer Training & Consultancy RES Course Review
  6. Real Centre Network RES Course Review
  7. Realty International Associates RES Course Review
  8. Singapore Estate Agents Associates RES Course Review

what's next

Knowing which school is right for you is the first step. But since these schools have many students in each class, their teaching style may not be personalised to fit that of yours.

Students may stay focus in each tutorial session yet walk away without hitting the important points.

Similarly, the space of time between the last day of the course and the day of examination is a worry as some students may find a lack of direction detrimental to their learning journey.

At RES mentors, we provide each coaching student the resources and strategies that they need to go through the examinations with ease. Find out more during our next RES coaching seminar.

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