Register For Real Estate Salesperson Exam

Are you ready to take on the real estate salesperson examination? To do so, you must be registered for the RES examinations.

Here, you will understand what is needed to register for the RES exam and what the pre-requisitions are before registering for the exams.

Let’s get started.

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Procedures To Register For The RES Exam

Registering for the RES examination is a simple 3-step plan:

The first step is to check if you have met the minimum pre-requisitions as per registration standards.

If you have not met the minimum requirements, you would not be allowed to register for the exam.

Wondering what are the pre-requisition? Fret not, we will cover them in the next section.

Once you have met the pre-requisitions, the next step would be to pre-register online through the NTUC learning hub portal. Once you are on the portal, scroll all the way down until the section on examination fees. Under that section, you can select the papers that you are taking for the next exam sitting. If you are unsure, what is applicable to you. Take a look at this article on the RES exam format to find out more. After you have selected the papers that you are taking, you will be greeted with another page with the exam venues. Make your selection on the most convenient venue and fill in your details to complete your pre-registration.

The final step is to head down to any of the three registration centers to complete the registration.

Important: Please remember to bring down all the required documents to the centers as they will need to verify that you have met the pre-requisites for registration.

After the verification process is completed, you will have to make payment to complete the registration.

Pre-Requisitions For Registration

  • Must have 4 GCE “O” Levels passes taken at not more than two sittings, and the passes must be for different subjects; or
  • WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading and Numeracy) = Level 5; and
  • Must have successfully completed the new RES  course.

Submission Of Qualifications For Assessment

  • Candidate who wish to submit their qualifications (e.g. overseas qualifications, private diplomas etc.) for assessment by CEA to determine if they meet the minimum educational qualification requirement may do so through the Approved Course Provider (ACP) they intend to enrol for the RES course.
  • An administrative fee of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) is payable for each application submitted.
  • Candidates must complete the CEA Qualification Assessment Request Form and attach all supporting documents, and they must also produce the original documents to ACP for verification.
  • CEA will inform the candidate of the outcome of the assessment.
  • Qualifications assessed to be accepted in lieu of 4 GCE “O” Level passes, for the purpose of RES/REA course registration, RES/REA examination registration and registration to be a salesperson or KEO/practicing director, are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of CEA’s notification of the acceptance.
  • A fresh application has to be re-submitted to CEA for qualification assessment once the 3-year period lapses.

Registration Centers

To complete the registration for the RES exam, individuals must contact and head to one of the three listed registration centers.

Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability
80 Jurong East Street 21, Level 2, Singapore 609607

Operating hours:
– Weekdays: 9am – 5pm
– Saturdays: 9am – 1pm
– Sundays and public holidays: closed

*Estimated waiting time is around 20 minutes for non-peak hours.

NTUC Trade Union House
73 Bras Basah Road, #02-01, Singapore 189556

Operating hours:
– Weekdays: 9am – 6pm
– Weekends and public holidays: closed

LHub Industry Skill Centre @ Benoi

EMS Building, 60 Benoi Road #01-08, Singapore 629906

Operating hours:
– Weekdays: 9am – 6pm
– Weekends and public holidays: closed

*Estimated waiting time is around 30 minutes for non-peak hours.

Note: candidates are advised to avoid peak periods like Saturdays and between 12pm to 2pm or 5pm to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays because of the long waiting time.

Documents Required For Registrations

Candidates have to bring the following documents to the registration centers for verification before finalising the registration.

Original RES Course Completion Certificate
If your course completion certificate is beyond the 2 years validity period from the RES course completion date. Candidate must retake the RES course and receive a new RES course completion certificate before registering for the exam.

Original Highest Qualification Certificate
If you have more than one certification and am unsure on which is determined to be the highest qualification, bring all of the certification to the registration center as the officer behind the counter can better advise you.

CEA Qualification Assessment Approval Email Notification
This is only applicable for candidates with private/foreign qualifications. In addition, if the previous CEA qualification assessment email is beyond the 3 years validity period from the date of the CEA acceptance email notification, candidates would have to request for a new assessment from CEA.

NRIC Or Passport
This is to verify the identity of the individual registering and taking the exam.

Previous Exam Results
This is applicable to candidates registering for the modular retaking of one paper.

Exam Registration Fees

For candidates taking both papers, the exam registration fees is $246.10 while past candidates who are retaking only one paper will have to make a $149.80 payment.

*The fees payable is inclusive of GST.

I have registered for the rES exam, what is next?

After you have registered for the RES exam, you should receive an acknowledgement slip and email stating the venue and timing of your exam.

Important: if the acknowledgement slip and email acknowledgement displays a different information. You must give a call to NTUC learning hub at 6336 5482 to verify the correct exam details.

The next step would be to prepare for the examinations: you can start by understanding what the RES exam syllabus is and start to study.

The whole process may be long and tiring but it will be well worth it once you complete and pass the exams.

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