RES Exam Over the phone coaching


Every course provider provides a phone hotline for their students to ask questions? However, we want to be different from the rest.

Therefore, we designed our over the phone coaching system where students can benefit from its systematic procedures and truly benefit from our coaching. Thus, improving their chances of clearing the real estate salesperson examinations.

Let’s cut to the chase now and discover how our over the phone coaching can help you now!

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How our Over the phone coaching Works

The most basic function of our phone coaching is to act as a platform for students to ask questions and get them answered.

That said, please do not expect our coaches to feed the information upon the first request. Instead, they encourage students to share their thoughts on the questions before providing them with the right answer.

But that’s not all, our phone platform also acts as a channel for our coaches to send out questions to aspiring individuals to test their knowledge and understanding levels.

To top it off, we encourage our candidates to audio record their thoughts and understanding of the concepts to send it to us. This will allow us to verify if they are in the right track.

If they are in the wrong track, our coaches will redirect them to the correct direction by patching up their misunderstanding.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of Over the phone coaching

Pros of Over the phone coaching

Some of the many benefits of our over the phone coaching include:

  1. Convenience for both student and coach. Since the coaching happens over the phone, students have access to our coaches at all reasonable time.
  2. Candidates can reinforce their understanding through the constant interaction with our coaches.
  3. Individuals can attempt many live questions and case studies sent in by other students. This will help them uncover their blindspots and ratify their mistakes if any.

cons of Over the phone coaching

Frankly speaking, our over the phone coaching has garnered many positive response from our students. However, there are still some disadvantages of the system.

  1. Since it is easier to explain through speaking than writing it out in text, our students will hear our coaches voice all the time. This can become a disadvantage if you hate our voices.
  2. Our coaches also have their life activities and may not be able to answer your questions immediately. Remember, we are not robots and will answer to your queries at all reasonable time.
  3. Questions may pile up overtime; this is especially true if candidates do not attempt the questions. Furthermore, our coaches are trained to link one question to another question. As a result, it can become very intensive for some.

who should join our Over the phone coaching

Overall, our phone coaching works best for individuals who are busy and finds it difficult to find the time to meet our coaches face to face. Think about this, who doesn’t have a smart phone these days?

By utilising the full potential of our phone coaching program, candidates gradually progress and improve their understanding. Eventually, they will clear the RES exam with ease.

who should not join our Over the phone coaching

However, not every one is suitable to join this program. This is especially true if the individual:

  • Do not have a smart phone; our over the phone coaching uses whatsapp as our main communication application. If you do not own a smart phone, chances are you will not benefit from this program.
  • Treat the program as a one way ticket and do not put in any effort. If you are considering to join the program, you must put in effort. We are here to guide you and push you to the next level. But we will never force individuals to do the right things.
  • Do not participate; if you are joining our program, you must join in the discussion and participate. Otherwise, this is a waste of resources on your part.

how much is our Over the phone coaching

This is the most common question that people ask us right at the start but there is one issue with this question. If you do not know the value of our coaching program, how can you make up your mind whether we are a right fit to help you achieve your goal?

The solution? Join us in our next RES exam coaching seminar to discover how we can help you achieve the results that you desire. Then decide whether we are a right match to assist you in this journey.


The true value of our over the phone coaching is presented when there is active participation between student and coaches.

Know that, we are here for you and not against you; we will push you over your limits so that you achieve the results that you seek.

That said, not everyone is a fan of our RES exam phone coaching program. If that is you, why not check out our private coaching program or group coaching program?

Apart from that, individuals may receive a whole suite of resources ranging from our email support, online webinar, e-learning platform and so much more.

Our students who undergo our coaching program will not be left behind after they have cleared the RES exam. In fact, they may also receive a fast start sales training that will help them set the direction of their real estate journey. This will allow them to close the first deal as soon as possible.

Interested to work together with us to get you over the finish line? Join us in our next RES exam coaching seminar to find out more now.

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