RES Exam Intensive Group Coaching


We have designed our intensive group coaching for candidates taking the Real Estate Salesperson exam in Singapore.

As with the other solutions that we provide for aspiring salespeople, the intensive group coaching has its own unique set of benefits that can help individuals reach the goal of passing the RES examinations.

Let’s discover more about our intensive group coaching now.

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How our intensive group coaching works

Our intensive group coaching follows our 3-step active participation system. This system, as its name suggests, will push each individual to actively participate and discover what their blindspots are.

Discovery Stage

A problem that most individuals face in the learning process is that they do not see where they lack in understanding till someone asks them.

Thus, the discovery stage is where our coaches will strongly encourage and motivate students to participate actively and discover their blindspots.

Some individuals pull back from participating as they worry others would judge them if they were to supply a wrong answer or be concerned over what others make of them.

However, this discussion and participation would work if the person makes an effort to put him or herself out there.

The coaches under RES Mentors are not looking for the right answer. In fact, it is totally fine if the answer is wrong as our mentors are able to help rectify the problem through your explanation.

Ratification Stage

This brings us to the next stage of rectification.

Once the mistake or blindspot is found, our coaches will focus on the problem and lead individuals to think in the right direction through a series of questions.

What our coaches do differently is to encourage a self-learning process instead of supplying the answers directly.

We want our students to think for themselves and inculcate a hunger for learning to be able to get the right answer.

Through this stage, candidates are pushed to understand and think before deducing the right answer. At the end, the coaches will disclose what the mistakes made by individuals are and rectify them.

Mastery Stage

Once their understanding of a topic is rectified, the session moves onto the mastery stage.

This stage consists of constant testing and re-testing to familiarise students with the concepts and attain mastery over them.

Our coaches may even revert to previously covered concepts to test the overall standard of understanding. Do not be thrown off!

It is only through repeated testing that the students can truly attain mastery over the concepts.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of intensive group coaching

Pros of intensive group coaching

Here are some benefits that our coaching students receive in RES Mentor’s intensive group coaching for the RES exam:

  • The true beauty in the group coaching sessions is that each participant will learn from the experiences shared with others in the group. As the asking of questions often lead to more questions, it speeds up the process of revision;
  • The individual who actively participates will retain information faster and better as their left and right brain are working in tandem, resulting in a higher level of understanding;
  • Candidates will discover their blindspots and rectify them on the spot with their group mates.

cons of intensive group coaching

Our intensive group coaching may utilise advanced teaching techniques and strategies to help the group understand and retain the concepts efficiently and effectively.

That being said, it has its disadvantages:

  • The sessions may get intensive as coaches push individuals over their limits to harness the potential in each candidate;
  • The pace of the sessions is dependant on the level of understanding of the group, not the individual. As such, groups may at times slow the pace down for other members to catch up;
  • The coach’s attention on each individual is limited as the coaching is done in a group environment.

who should join our intensive group coaching

Our intensive group coaching is made for individuals who learn best in a group setting.

However, we welcome any individual who would like to understand their blindspots and weaknesses alongside others.

Similar to our 1-to-1 coaching programme, we are equally selective on who sits in on our intensive group coaching program – there are strict requirements to determine if the individual is eligible for the group coaching program.

The sole reason why we have these strict requirements on our group coaching program is to protect the community.

As the morale of the group is determined by the make up of its people, we are vigilant in ensuring a safe and comfortable space for students to express themselves and be a part of.

who should not join our intensive group coaching

As mentioned, we do not accept each interested individual into our group coaching program. These are some factors that we look at when we accept an individual into the programme:

  1. The expectation of the individual applying to sign up for our program. What the individual should not do is to treat the programme as a miracle session without putting in effort;
  2. The commitment level of the individuals. What the individual should do is to be willing in following our guidance and strategies and be committed to taking action;
  3. The motivation level of individual; What the individual should do is to be determined to challenge alongside the rest of the group.

how much is our intensive group coaching

The true value of our intensive group coaching programme comes with the active interaction and discussions.

While the cost of the intensive group coaching programme is a question of interest. A better question to ask would be how this programme will benefit you in passing the RES examination.

Discover if the intensive group coaching programme is the right one for you at our next RES exam coaching seminar.


Our intensive group coaching programme is one of the best solutions we have for our exam candidates.

In addition, our students may also receive a fast start sales session that sets them in the right direction after getting over the hurdle of the RES examinations.

Apart from that, our coaching students may receive a whole suite of resources ranging from our phone coaching, email support, online webinar, e-learning platform and so much more.

If you are keen to learn more about our intensive group coaching program, join us at our next seminar now.

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