hastor RES Course Review

Founded in 2010, Hastor property services is one of the eight active approved RES course providers in Singapore.

From what we observe, we would assume that their main trainer is Mr. Francis Ong, who takes charge for a bulk of the training sessions at Hastor.

In this review, we will look at Hastor’s RES course.

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Course Price

Hastor offers a fixed fee of $650 for their RES course.

Similarly, interested candidates can utilise their Skillsfuture credits to off-set part of the course fees.

New and existing NTUC union members could also claim up to $250 under the UTAP training grant.

In comparison with the other schools, tuition fees with Hastor is the second cheapest in terms of pricing.

If you are interested to put pen to paper with Hastor, do note that the teaching institute does not allow for online registration for their RES course.

Applicants would have to head down to their office to register.

Hastor course location

Hastor is located at Blk 190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-514 Toa Payoh Central Singapore 310190. The nearest MRT is Toa Payoh.

Aside from being close to HDB Hub, Toa Payoh is an accessible area that is situated close to the heart of Singapore.

What Do Hastor Provide For Their Course Participants

First things first, before signing up with Hastor, our advice is to look at their course schedule before making a decision.

Although the pricing is fixed, the timetable for their RES courses may not always fall on the same days of the week.

Upon signing up, you will receive the course notes that you would be using throughout the classes.

At the end of each lessons, Hastor trainers may go through a few mock exam questions as a light revision.

If that does not ease your worries towards the examination dates, you can sign up for their revision classes which are priced $60 per class; these revision classes are typically held closer to the exam date.

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how can we help

In summary, we find that the fees payable for Hastor’s RES course is affordable. However, the total amount payable may rise drastically if you were to attend their revision classes.

That being said, the role of an approved course provider is to guide students through the concept during the course duration and provide the completion certificate at the end of the curriculum.

Following which, students are on their own.

To put it plain and simple, going to a war without support is always a bad move in our books – it is no surprise that most individuals stumble at the revision phase as they no longer have a ready and qualified support system after the course has been done and dusted.

This exact reason is why our coaches provide personal support to all our members – this helps them pave the way for them till they receive their desired endpoint.

Interested to find out how you can benefit from our coaching? Join us in our next RES coaching seminar to find out more.

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