frequently asked questions

These are the frequently asked questions that we receive all the time about our RES exam coaching program.

RES Mentor is a website created by Aspiration Zone PTE LTD to help individuals clear the RES examinations.

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No, we are not an approved course provider. We will not provide any course completion certificate when you complete our coaching program.

Our coaching program will last until you clear the RES exam.

Our coaching students receive a whole suite of resources and strategies that will help them clear the RES exam.

To find out more about our coaching program, join us in our next RES coaching seminar where we will share more tips and strategies on how you can clear the exams.

This is the #1 question that we receive all the time. However, we cannot answer that question as we do not accept everyone into our coaching program.

Instead of asking the price, I urge you to start thinking of how can we help you. At RES Mentors, we focus more on the value we provide to our students rather than the price.

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