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With our email support system created for members within our RES exam coaching program. Individuals can work closely with our coaches to improve their understanding of the concepts. As a result, they will have a higher chance of clearing the real estate salesperson examinations.

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How does our email support work

Our email support operates in the same manner as our phone coaching support. The only difference lies in the base platform, the former uses email while the latter uses whatsapp.

Just as the phone coaching support, our email support creates an interactive platform where students are encouraged to send in their thoughts on the concepts whether they think they know it or not.

Reason being? Most candidates are not able to tell if their understanding is right or wrong.

To top it off, this platform is also a channel where students can ask questions to the coaches and get their doubts cleared. But that’s not all, our coaches also uses this channel to send out questions to our students.

This keeps them on the toes and triggers them to think.

Overall, our email support system is not a typical channel where students are just encouraged to ask questions.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of email support

Pros of email support

Some of the benefits of our email support includes:

  1. Candidates can reinforce their understanding through the email interaction with our coaches.
  2. Individuals can attempt many live questions and case studies sent in by our coaches through the email platform. This will help students uncover their blindspots and ratify their mistakes if any.
  3. In this day and age, everyone is equipped with an email address. As long as the individual has an internet connection, he will be able to converse with our coaches from any where around the world.

cons of email support

Unfortunately, just as everything in the world has a flip side, our email support system also has its flaws.

  1. Individual must have an internet connection and an email address to be able to converse with our coaches.
  2. We have a fixed schedule whereby we follow to response to all the students who are using our email support system. As such, response does not come as fast as our phone coaching support.
  3. For our email support system, interaction may not be as fluent as the phone coaching as there is a delay between each conversation.

who should join our email support coaching

The simple truth is not everyone is a match to our coaching program hence we do not accept everyone into our coaching programs.

Why is this so? To us, a coaching relationship is similar to a wedding relationship; parties are bounded by a covenant and must work hand in hand towards success.

In other words, anyone who joins our RES exam coaching program has to work with us closely if they want to see conclusive results.

Just imagine this if a light house guides the ship back to the shore; we are the light house who guides aspiring real estate salespersons towards the direction of clearing the RES exam. However, it is up to the individual whether they want to work with us closely to achieve the final results.

who should not join our email support coaching

Make no mistake about it, we have indeed turned down offers because we want to save both the individual and ourselves from the agony of a mismatched coaching relationship.

But don’t get us wrong, we are just been truthful to the fact that we are unable to help everyone in this world. If money was our goal, we would have allowed anyone into our programs.

In a general aspect, we do not accept anyone who are expecting us to do all the work for them; we can provide all the resources in the world to the individual, guide them towards the end goal. But in the end, the individual is the one taking the RES exam, he is the one who will ultimately determine if he will pass or fail in the examinations.

how much is our email support

Yet another common question that we get all the time is “how much is your RES exam coaching program”.

The thing is most individuals are trained from young to look at the price tag. However, this kind of thinking has caused us more harm than good because we have turned down too many offers that are highly beneficial to us but they are just too “expensive”.

If we truly want to be successful in life, we must train our mind to look for value. Instead of asking about the price, think about the value of the program – how can the program bring you forward? Does it help you shorten your learning curve? Does it help to have someone who will help you spot your blindspots?

Now here’s the next step: join us in our next RES exam coaching seminar, discover how we can help you and decide whether we are the right fit to work together.


Our email support is one of the essential support that our students get when they join us in any of our coaching programs.

Interested to find out more about the programs that we offer? Check out our face to face private coaching program for the RES exam; group intensive coaching for the RES exam or the RES exam phone coaching.

But that’s not all, individuals may receive a whole suite of resources ranging from our online webinar, e-learning platform and so much more.

Not to mention, students who achieve their goals of clearing the RES exam may be invited to our fast start sales training. Reason being, we want our students to have a clear direction in their real estate sales journey ahead.

Interested to work together with us to get your desired outcome? Join us in our next RES exam coaching seminar to find out more now.

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