RES Exam Format

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly how to prepare for the real estate salesperson examinations before the actual exam?

Yes! By knowing what the examination format is, the exam syllabus is and what CEA’s expectations of candidates is, you should be able to strategise and apply study and exam strategies.

As a result, you would be able to prepare effectively and efficiently for the exams and prevail with your desired outcome.

In our next portion, we will uncover what the RES exam format is like.

Overview Of RES Exam Format

The latest real estate salesperson examination format (revised on the year 2013) consists of 3 sections:

  • 50 Multiple Choice Questions;
  • Each question equates 1 mark;
  • Total of 50 marks.
  • 15 Multiple choice questions with reference to 1 to 2 case studies;
  • Each question equates 2 mark;
  • Total of 30 marks.
  • 10 Fill in the blank short answer questions;
  • Each question equates 2 mark;
  • Total of 20 marks.

How Does Knowing The Exam Format Help?

Just think along these lines, if you are participating in a baking contest and were made aware that the theme of the contest is to bake the most delicious chocolate cake.

Would you still practise and familiarise yourself with how to bake a strawberry cake or would you start incorporating chocolate recipes into the cake that you are baking?

Likewise, if a candidate discovers and understands the exam format, he will be able to create a game plan to get the results that he desires.

Since you as the candidate already know that the RES exams consist of multiple choice questions, a case study and short answer questions, with these new found knowledge, you can either create your own strategy from scratch or shorten this process by engaging a coach.

Either way, you must have a system that you can utilise to get you the results that you want.

After all, “Action without direction will only lead to frustration”

Stop taking a step forward and five steps back and start discovering what you are missing out on to clear the RES exam with ease.

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RES Exam Format Frequently Asked Questions

Does the exam format apply to only one paper?
No, the exam format applies to both paper 1 and paper 2.

What happens when I answer correctly or wrongly.
For each correct answer, candidates are awarded marks allocated to the section and for each mistake made, no marks will be award or deducted.

How long is the exam?
The duration for the examination is 2.5 hours for each paper.

Why was there a review in the exam format?
As per CEA’s website, the exam format was revised as part of the policy review to ensure candidates possess the competency to practise in the estate agency industry.

What was changed?
From 2013 onwards, the real estate salesperson examination will include a Case Study Section in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 in the form of multiple choice questions.

The objective is to ensure candidates are able to analyse and interpret the issues in a practice-oriented case study context.

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