CEA Expectations Of Cognitive Levels

If you are taking the real estate salesperson examinations in Singapore, it is of utmost importance for you to understand CEA’s expectations of the cognitive levels of candidates taking the exams.

To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.

You may be wondering why is this important? Well, based on our experience, most candidates jump straight into studying without finding out what is required of them.

However, on the exam day, most will soon realised that the papers are tough and their current level is below the required benchmark set by CEA.

Here is the secret, if you do not want to fall into the trap of performing below the expectations and failing the RES exams; you must first understand what is the required benchmark.

Let’s cut to the chase and dive straight in right now!

3 Levels Of Cognitive Levels

There are a total of 3 cognitive levels that is required of candidates taking the RES exam.

You will notice in the CEA exam syllabus that each topic is marked with a specific learning outcome and the expected cognitive level involved.

In order to be prepared for the examination, individuals must be aware of the required cognitive levels and internalise the learning outcomes.

At level 1, individuals must be able to recognise, define, describe or name a term or concept.

In addition, they must also be aware of the basic terminology and concepts of the laws/rules/regulatory requirements/procedures.

Remembering is the lowest level required of individuals because it is required by all to memorise and regurgitate information when needed.

Most would have attained level 1.

At level 2, candidates are required to interpret, infer, classify, paraphrase or explain a term or concept in a scenario or case study. This level goes one step beyond remembering and focuses on the importance of understanding. It may sound easy but it is not! Some individuals may be masters in the art of memorisation but when it comes to understanding, they fall short. But this is simply not a fault of theirs. Since our early days in school, most of us are programmed to remember and retain knowledge by memorising. Be it in school or at home, we are tasked with memorisation from the multiplication table to math formulas to language use. Even when we step into the working world, this pattern continues – some office workers are berated for trying to understand how some things work and eventually settle with accepting the norm. In other words, we are not programmed to ask questions and seek answers. Therefore, when it comes to understanding, we are at a complete loss. The good news is that students who are part of our private mentoring program learn how to redefine their studying strategies and move towards a higher level of understanding. Join us in our next RES coaching seminar to preview the enriching experience as our private student. Even if you decide not to get a coach, the bottom line still remains: you would have to figure a way to attain a high level of understanding to pass the RES examinations. The key issue that we have uncovered is that many individuals misinterpret the concepts and will continue to do so until someone changes the way they understand them. Something to look at a different perspective is: if you have done things “your way” in the previous few examinations yet fail to meet the grade, by practising the same strategy, do you think things would turn around and go your way instead?

Lastly, after internalising the information and understanding them, candidates have to attain the final level, which is the application of information.

This is the highest level that is required of students, but contrary to what most believe, this is not the most challenging level to attain.

The prevailing issue for most is that they struggle at the understanding stage, which in turn, messes up their understanding so much so that it becomes a problem when the concepts are applied.

If there is an electrician who is called up to service an electric appliance in an industrial factory.

To do so, firstly, he must remember the safety procedures; which is to ensure that the master switch is turned off, and to station someone at the master switch to ensure it does not get tampered with while he is servicing the device.

In addition, he has to ensure that the specific appliance’s switch is switched off.

However, if he does not understand the importance of such procedures at this stage; he may not follow the procedures.

As a result, he places himself in a life-threatening situation.

Albeit misunderstanding the CEA exam concepts would not put you in a life-threatening situation, the point made is that misinterpreting the concept would hinder you from getting the passing grade in your RES exam.

“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.” – Abu Bakr

In short, the application of these concepts can be simple, as long as you nail down the understanding portion, you are good to go!

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Which Level To Focus On?

It is simple to tell you the level that are required in the RES exam, however, we want to show you the facts and figures to help you ace the RES exam and decide on which cognitive level you should draw the focus on.

By now, you would have known that there is a variety of topics covered in the CEA syllabus. The key takeaway is that out of the many topics, only 3 topics are pegged to level 1.

Yet, 107 topics are pegged to level 2 and 103 topics are pegged to level 3.

Think back now and ask yourself if you have been focusing a lot more on memory work or understanding the concepts

It is apparent that most would focus more on memorising and neglect the understanding portion and that is one of the many reasons why they fail to clear the exam.

How We Can Help?

At RES Mentors, we focus on coaching individuals to help them discover their weaknesses and rectify them before it is too late.

We believe that building a strong foundation is one of the keys to clearing the RES exams.

If the understanding is weak from the start, it would in turn create a snowball effect that will lead to the eventual outcome of failure.

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