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At RES Mentor, we provide 1-to-1 private coaching as one of our many solutions for candidates taking the real estate salesperson examination. If it piques your interest, read on to discover the benefits of our private coaching program.

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how our private coaching work

Students who take part in our private 1-to-1 coaching sessions will receive personalised support and guidance on how to study and pass the real estate salesperson exam.

In addition, they receive a fast start sales training to jumpstart their real estate journey immediately after passing their RES exams.

To break it down, our private coaching for the RES exam consists of 3 phase; understanding, internalising and interaction.

Understanding Phase

The first phase strengthens how we understand the world; individuals work closely with our coach to determine their current level of understanding of the concepts.

From here, they will be aware of the habitual mistakes that they make unknowingly during the examination that would cost them their grade.

Internalising Phase

Following the understanding phase, students will move onto the internalising phase.

Here, they will work together with their coach to create a personalised study plan supplemented with various study strategies.

Some of the factors that our coaches consider in the planning:

  • the commitment level of individuals;
  • the time that the individual can spare;
  • the optimal learning style that an individual absorb information best.

Once the study plan is created, students are advised to follow and execute the plan for maximum results.

Interaction Phase

It is in our belief that interaction is at the heart of learning. Without interaction, we wouldn’t be able to know of our mistakes and blindspots. That explains why the third and final phase is as such.

At the final phase, both student and coach will work closely together with a sole objective in mind – to raise the understanding of the individual to a much higher level.

From there, the candidate would achieve their desired grade in the RES exam with ease.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of our Private Coaching

Pros of private coaching

Here are some benefits that our coaching students receive in our private coaching for the RES exam:

  1. Individuals will discover what their weaknesses are and learn how exactly to correct them;
  2. Private coaching is all about personalised approach, the study plans created are personalised to tailor-fit each individual’s learning style and motivation;
  3. Candidates will receive full attention from the mentor during the private coaching sessions for them to field any questions and resolve any misunderstandings.

Cons of private coaching

Our private coaching programme is an amazing platform to help individuals complete and come through the RES exam with good grades.

However, we will be straight forward and lay out some of the disadvantages of our private coaching program:

  1. Our private coaching programme is of a premium price point. But hear us out: as our coaches forgo their time and effort to offer a 1 to 1 coaching with you, it is only right the fees are commensurate to the sacrifices they make.
  2. Our private coaching programme is not a miracle solution. Students must put in equal effort alongside our coaches’ advice to achieve their desired grade.
  3. Our private coaching programme may be intensive to some. What our coaches aim to do is to push students to a limit just slightly past their comfort level. Rest assured as our coaches will know the extent to your boundaries and ensure your motivation would not turn to apathy.

Who should join our private coaching program?

Our private coaching program is the highest form of support that we provide to candidates sitting for the RES exam. Thus, we are unable to provide this to every individual that shows interest.

To be eligible for this program, individual would have to undergo a pre-application process where we assess your suitability to the program.

As our mentors and students work closely over a substantial amount of time, there has to be synergy for this relationship to work. This programme is something that money alone would not guarantee access.

Ideally, we accept individuals who are willing to work closely with our coaches to join our private 1-to-1 coaching program.

who should not join our private coaching program

You would have realised that we are unable to work with everyone who puts forth their interest.

However, we are extremely wary of individuals who perceive the private coaching as a miracle solution to their RES examinations.

Individuals who are accepted into our private coaching programme would have to realise that equal amounts of effort and contribution would lead to their success.

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

This quote explains our situation precisely – we want our individuals to achieve the best that they can be but we do not want to study on behalf of them and for them to rely on us to offer them the support.

Ideally, we shall provide the coaching and support to our student and he shall take charge of his learning and achieve his goals with our help.

How much is our private coaching

Understandably, this is the question on everyone’s mind.

However, instead of looking at cost alone, we find it more beneficial to look at its value that students receive than the cost.

To be successful, we should ask ourselves instead how this programme would take us closer to our goal.

What we hope to achieve is to educate our students but before that, we want them to understand who we are and how we can help them reach their end point.


Our private coaching program does not end once our student completes and passes the RES exam.

In fact, that is only the beginning as we intend to help them kickstart their business with a session of our fast start sales program.

Undoubtedly, our private 1-to-1 coaching provides excellent support to our students. However, if it is not for you, how about considering our intensive group coaching as a second option?

Apart from that, individuals may receive a whole suite of resources ranging from our phone coaching, email support, online webinar, e-learning platform and so much more.

If you are interested to find out more about this program, do register for our next RES exam coaching seminar!

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