The RES Mentor Made For You

Whether you are taking the RES exam for the first time or struggling to clear the RES exam for the second or third time, RES Mentors has got you covered.

Start to receive actionable tips and practical strategies directly into your whatsapp right now.

Practical Strategies That Work

Research has shown that the passive act of listening during lectures results in a low retention of information.

Thus, in our coaching, we teach our students based on a spectrum of practical strategies that will help you increase your understanding and retain the concepts efficiently and effectively.

Receive full coaching support

Most students do not get the support they need after their Real Estate Salesperson course is completed.

Our experience in the past has taught us that having a mentor while studying for the examinations would clear up any doubts you have over the course.

That is why we are providing our students with full access to reach our coaches at reasonable times of the day.

You can address your misunderstandings or build up your confidence with our coaches and take your understanding of the curriculum to a new level.

Overview of some of the features our students receive

1-To-1 Coaching

With our intensive private 1-to-1 coaching, candidates are able to attain a higher level of understanding in an effective and shorter time.

RES Exam Private Coaching

Intensive Group Coaching

Our intensive group coaching is interactive and discussion-based. This allows each individual to learn better and faster from their peers and coach.

RES Exam Group Coaching

Live Webinar

During our live webinar sessions, we encourage a free flow of question and answers to happen to help our students internalise the concepts better.

RES Exam Live Webinar Coaching

Over The Phone Coaching

Our over the phone coaching support allows questions to be answered in a straight-forward and fuss-free manner.

RES Exam Phone Coaching

Email Support

To accommodate our office workers, our Email support allows our students to reach us at any time of the day.

RES Exam Email Coaching

E-Learning Platform

There are over 50 different resources available in our E-learning portal for our students to utilise right now.

RES Exam ELearning Coaching

Fast Start Sales Training

We want our students to jumpstart their real estate journey after completing their examinations.

Testimonials From Some Of Our Amazing Mentees